A juicy saddle of venison in red wine, aromatic boar slips or even delicate Polskie Pierogi filled with fish in a dill sauce? These are only suggestions from our menu that may bring you to the seventh heaven of culinary pleasure.

In our restaurant we serve ancient Polish food adventures arranged by our master chef. To bring out only the best natural ingredients we keep adequate proportions combining traditional recipes with a hint of subtle creativity.

Restaurant menu

Welcome, this is our offer


We extract from mother nature only the best, that’s why our menu changes according to the seasons:

  • in spring and summer we add recently grown vegetables and herbs from our garden, and from mature fruit we prepare sweet poetry - raspberry tart, Mirabelle jam and strawberry cake
  • in autumn we serve: pumpkin soup with aromatic dishes stuffed with mushrooms or plum desserts
  • in winter we offer with highly expensive ingredients onion soups and delicious dishes in Christmas atmosphere, such as trout with herbs, tenderloin Carpaccio and delicious cakes
  • We also prepare strong fruit liqueurs, with a perfect taste throughout the year. Traditional alcohol drinks made of black currant and Mirabelle. An excellent “pigwówka” is the best way to blues mood and for improving your mood on a sunny afternoon or a rainy evening..


A homemade dinner, a romantic dinner for two, a party, and a business banquet - every opportunity is good to give it a unique setting.

In our “palace” you can choose your place: a quiet lounge with a fireplace, a romantic dining room in 20th century style or a glazed winter garden with stunning views on the park.

For a glass of wine or a glass of stronger liqueur we invite you to the cellar with a bar and a pool table. Along the way you will see the cellar full of wines from the ancient and new world which emphasizes the taste of our food and let you discover the wonderful taste of the southern lands.

In spring and summer our garden is busy with receptions such as Garden Parties, during which we serve exquisite dishes from the barbecue.





We organize in our restaurant:

  • Wedding parties
  • Intimate family celebrations
  • Classy events
  • Romantic dinners for two
  • Professional business meetings
  • Banquets and corporate parties

In our “Palace” the air is filled with a cheerful mood and the restaurant always has a warm home atmosphere. Our discreet and nice waitresses provide an excellent service and the hotel owners very often serve themselves guests food filled with a pleasant conversation

Visit our restaurant and be amazed by ancient Polish food adventures.

You're welcome!